• The Aquarium Conservation Partnership is a coalition of U.S. aquariums working to conserve our ocean and freshwater ecosystems and committed to sustainable practices.

About Us

As trusted, science-backed institutions that welcome millions of visitors each year, aquariums are uniquely positioned to engage the public in conservation. With an equity lens, ACP leverages the collective resources of member institutions across the United States to mobilize audiences, advocate for policy change, and advance conservation at the local, state, and national levels.

Collectively, our 27 members in 20 states welcome over 25 million visitors a year. ACP aquariums help advance federal and state conservation policies, mobilize thousands of visitors and online audience members to take action, and demonstrate our commitment to conservation in our business practices.

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Our Vision

Our ocean, lakes, rivers, and streams are healthy and resilient. They sustain diverse communities of people and wildlife. Ocean and freshwater resources are equitably distributed and those most impacted are centered in decision making.


Our Mission

We safeguard ocean and freshwater ecosystems by aligning and supporting the conservation efforts of aquariums across the United States for greater collective and individual impact

What We Do

Strengthen our collective capacity to increase conservation impact.

Advocate for conservation policies by sharing strategies for engaging with decision-makers.

 Inspire conservation behaviors and actions by the public.

Influence change toward more sustainable business practices.

Our Members

ACP membership is open to nonprofit and public institutions with aquariums accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). There are currently 27 aquarium and zoo members in 20 states.