Aquariums Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of National Marine Sanctuaries

This week, aquariums across the United States celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Marine Sanctuary System. Our fifteen national marine sanctuaries – from the Florida Keys to Stellwagen Bank, from Thunder Bay to Monterey Bay – are home to extraordinary species and some of the nation’s most iconic seascapes. 

Like aquariums, these underwater parks engage and inspire visitors to protect special places in our ocean, along the coasts, and in the Great Lakes. They celebrate America’s coastal and ocean heritage, and protect spectacular places where communities can gather, learn, play, and enjoy together.

The conservation of these and other aquatic ecosystems is vital for the species that depend on them, the communities that rely on them, and for future generations. Our aquariums are committed to help strengthen protections for our National Marine Sanctuary System to achieve the goals of the America the Beautiful initiative, which include tackling biodiversity loss, mitigating impacts of climate change, and increasing equitable access to nature. We are excited to partner with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to advance these goals and protect these special places.  

For more information on how to celebrate our National Marine Sanctuary System, to explore our ocean and Great Lakes, enjoy the benefits they offer, and become their stewards for future generations, please visit Save Spectacular